Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Mitigation Of Poverty Disast

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Mitigation of Poverty Disaster: Towards Sustainable Economic Development. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

This research will begin with the statement that throughout human life, the inevitability of disasters cannot be disputed. The environmental changes that have arisen over time probably from mismanagement and irresponsible activities within the global surroundings have in most cases plunged the earth into a serious economic crisis. As a result, ‘perennial poverty’ has become a part and parcel of most communities especially those that are seasonally struck by these disasters. With the awareness of the perpetual incidences of these natural hazards, the world has responded in different fashions with different groups: local and global governmental and non-governmental organizations coming into place to help assist the victims as well as mitigate the occurrence of a similar disaster. ‘Hurricanes, volcanic activities, floods, famine among others are not any strange natural hazards that have had gross impacts on the lives of the victims. Poverty has become the long-term consequential impact Until today, ‘poverty disaster’ has grounded itself to challenge the economic stability of the world today especially in regions around the sub-Saharan region, the Middle East and other areas which are susceptible to various diseases, low embracement of modernity, ineffective leadership, lack of enlightenment among others. Poverty is a real disaster that has prompted the international bodies and financial aid institutions to rethink their strategies for approaching this menace. Poverty disaster can be mitigated using effective emergency planning to achieve a sustainable economic development. According to Brainard, Jones, and Purvis, poverty is a severe calamity that has a great embedment on the natural. Just the same way a flood would sweep away properties and claim casualties so do poverty. Poverty leaves the community affected non-functional and incapacitated such that they can hardly participate in any socio-economic activity that could build them. Poverty kills the same way any other hazard/disaster would and this attribute makes it be regarded as the threat. The fact that the poor are restricted from accessing basic facilities and services makes poverty be a chancy peril that is worse than other disasters. Collins describes poverty as a long-term nuisance that when it strikes it becomes extremely hard to alleviate. a feature that has made it be an elusive challenge that the world is still struggling to neutralize.

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