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Your organization is anticipating the arrival of a new CEO or agency head. Management assigned you the task of preparing briefing materials for your new executive. They have asked you to provide key information in a well organized manner on the current status of human resources, budget, security, facilities, and IT. You are required to create a MS Word document that includes a separate section on each area. Be sure to use many of the features you have learned in the course, including using formulas for adding in tables, making changes to font size and style as appropriate for impact, adjust table column and row sizes, use appropriate colors in charts, insert graphics, insert hyperlinks, insert page numbering, insert headers or footers, and use SmartArt. To create this briefing document, include all of the following items under each topic:

– Create a coverpage with the name of your organization and date of the presentation
– Write a brief paragraph describing the mission and objectives of the organization, its size, and the overall budget.

Human Resources
– Create a table showing each employee’s name, title, grade and salary

– Create a table showing all spending
– Create a chart displaying that spending for each category

– Show the security level for each employee and any other pertinent information

– Show the address of each building location
– Insert a photo for each building

Information Technology
– Describe the current IT system and network
– Create a chart to show all software programs that are available Contents