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This week you have two options. Choose one only. If you have an interest in writing about another issue as well, why not take that over to the regular discussion forum? 

Option #1

Syncretism Re-Visited

What, if anything, is problematical about a syncretism which cherry-picks doctrines and practices from the various religious traditions? After all, it works for Elizabeth Gilbert, true? 

Option #2


 In his discussion of the centuries-long uproar about the doctrine of Incarnation, Smith explains the problem as being the conundrum of having to preserve both the full Divinity and the full Humanity of Christ. Why was each side of that god/man conjunction too important to discard?


Book Information for World Religions  

1. Nine Theories of Religion
Author: Daniel L. Pals ISBN:9780199859092 Publisher:Oxford University Press 

2. The World’s Religions Author: Huston Smith 

ISBN: 0061660183 Publisher: Harper (2009) 

3. The End of Faith
Author: Sam Harris
ISBN: 0393327655
Publisher: W. W. Norton (2005) 

4. A Short History of Myth Author: Karen Armstrong ISBN:978-1841958002 Publisher: Canongate (2006)