Write a function processscores | Computer Science homework help


Write a function processScores() that takes the name of a file as a parameter. The first line of the file is a number, which indicates the initial score for a Score object. The remaining lines are pairs: the even-numbered lines contain a character and the odd-numbered lines contain either a number or a list. The character will be one of ‘o’, ‘O’, ‘m’, or ‘M’, indicating that the next line contains either a single score (‘o’ or ‘O’) or a list of scores (‘m’ or ‘M’). The function will create a new Score object and then process each line or pairs of lines of the file by calling the appropriate method of the Score object. As it processes each line or pairs of lines, it will print the information about the action being taken. The first line will be a call to the initialize() method and the remaining pairs of lines will be calls either to the updateOne() or updateMany() methods. Once the file has been processed, the function will print the final score, the average score, and return the Score object. The following shows what would be displayed for an example file. The example file can be found on the D2L site under the Assignment 1 section on the Content page. Please note that your function must work on an arbitrary file that consists of valid lines. You cannot assume anything about the file except that it contains lines that have the format described above.