“world religion in the news” written assignment. as noted on the

“World Religion in the News” Written Assignment. As noted on the syllabus, one way for you to fulfill the final requirement in this course (worth 150 points) is to research and write a report (approximately 1000 words = 3.5 pages in length) about a substantial news story or series of stories that involves some aspect of world religion, a religious leader, or a religious theme relevant to this course. The issue/topic must have contemporary relevance (sources should be no more than a year old). News stories may be found in news magazines or online news sites such as the Religion News Service (not simply blog posts). Your report should include 1) Background information about the religious tradition(s) and the primary issue(s) involved in your article. 2) An analysis of the issue(s) both from the perspective of an insider in the pertinent religious tradition and from the perspective of an outsider. 3) An overall assessment of the importance/relevance of this story. Write your essay in Microsoft word (or compatible) format, using either MLA or APA style sheet and see the grading rubric supplied on the “submit your assignment here” tab.