Week 2 discussions | Computer Science homework help


University Security Breach

Actions for University Security BreachMust post first.

Please read the following document, University of Nebraska Breach.doc, which discusses a security breach at one of the country’s largest Universities.  Discuss the ramifications of the event, what might be the vulnerabilities that were exploited, regulatory and compliance issues associated with the event and what, if you were the CISO would be your recommended course/courses of action to ensure this type of incident did not happen in the future.  Please remember to cite your sources.

Thoughts on Edward Snowden

Actions for Thoughts on Edward Snowden

Must post first.

Please read the following articles:

Snowden, during an interview with Brian Williams, stated that he was a trained spy within the context of conducting his normal job routine. What do you feel are the cyber implications that result from his actions and revelations? Please no editorial about his behavior or your patriotism…. let’s keep the conversation focused on cyber policies, cyber technologies, or cyber procedures.  

Threat Model Analysis

Actions for Threat Model Analysis

Must post first.

Please read Microsoft’s Threat Model Analysis, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa561499.aspx.

Now, describe what you learned. How could you use this model to help improve cyber security in an organization? Please discuss in detail.