Week 06 – chapter 6

 Criteria for answers:

1) Direct reference to the chapter’s laws/regulations (Employment Laws, Case Law, Statutes) 

2) Direct reference to the chapter’s concepts (discrimination, ethics, social responsibility) 

3) Quotes from the text. 

4) Personal opinions based on an analysis of the above. 5) Each answer should be a paragraph (or a minimum of 5-7 sentences long) 

1. Read this week’s ethical dilemma. What would you do? (pg 137)

2. Do you think the use of prescreening tools will lead to better hires? Discuss 

3. Discuss the impact of hiring the “wrong staff” or the ‘one bad apple’ theory. 

4. Which ‘environmental’ factor (155-8) do you think has the biggest impact on the selection process? Why? 

5. How has technology affected the selection process? 

6. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when using selection tests? 

7. What are some of the characteristics of well-designed selection tests? 

8. Given that “97% of job failures result from personality clashes rather than technical deficiencies,” what role might personality assessments play in screening job candidates? 

9. What are the pros and cons of a “realistic job preview”? 

10.  I was at a conference and a speaker noted that this was his favorite interview question; “Are you lucky?”

How would you answer this? What do you think your response indicates to the interviewer?

11.  Pick one potential interviewing problem from pages 147-9, give an example, and tell us how you would “fix” this problem in future interviews. 

12.  Give me an example of an appropriate question to ask during an interview. 

13.  Does your company give references? Why or why not? 

14.  Discuss the emerging trend of “negligent hiring” case law. 

15.  Review the metrics for measuring the effectiveness of recruitment/selection. Which one do you think is the most important? Why? Give an example.