Using data to make decisions 1b – evidence based decisions

Using Data to Make Decisions 1B – Evidence Based Decisions

Within your paper discuss how the Affordable Healthcare Act System could have benefited from an evidence-based decision model during requirements, design, build, test and rollout. Knowing that evidence is important for sound management decisions what design considerations would you have incorporated to support future healthcare management decision processes (e.g. collecting certain types of data points to support future policy decisions, KPI reporting). Contrasting the lessons learned in the US and the UK what recommendations would you have for developing countries considering healthcare system implementations (note that you could strengthen your argument by comparing the US and UK systems to the system which belongs to the developing nation)?

Keep your argument academic and not political in nature. 

Your paper should include the following elements:

·         The paper should be a minimum of 6.5 pages in length but not exceeding the AOM limit. The 5-page minimum should not include references which should be proportionately similar to other papers in the AOM (hint: you will need more than 12 references). Furthermore, you should only cite academic or reputable sources.

·         All references should be cited using APA format (use Endnote or other reference software to automate this process)

·         The paper must have at least three tables providing empirical evidence (not more than 1.5 pages in length).

·         Papers with grammar and spelling errors will be returned and the assignment not marked as complete until all issues are resolved. 

·         Use the academic writing style required by the Academy of Management (AOM (Links to an external site.))

·         All findings and conclusions should be evidence based.

·         The argument should incorporate all the key elements of the Toulmin model but when in doubt follow the AOM format.

·         Elements of embedded sustainability should exist within your paper.

·         Focus on empirical type research to support your arguments (e.g. build supporting evidence tables based on other research).



·         The medical industry was very successful using evidence based decision models

·         Use the resources at the writing lab

·         Consider Grammarly to help you avoid writing errors

·         Link (Links to an external site.)