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Standardized Screening Assessments Chart and Essay


For the Unit 3 Assignment, you will use multiple resources throughout the first three units and your own research to create a chart and essay discussing the use of standardized screening assessments in early childhood.


Part 1: Standardized Screening Assessments Chart


The chart will discuss three separate standardized screening assessments used in Early Childhood that address at least three different developmental domains.


Be sure to closely review the summary tables on pages 18, 19 and 20 in Understanding and Choosing Assessments and Developmental Screeners for Young Children Ages 3-5: at http://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/assets/screeners_final.pdf . Do not use any other pages in this resource for your project as the other assessments are not screening assessments. You must only include standardized screening assessments for this project.


When creating your chart, you must address the following:


  • Standardized Screening Assessment Title-Include the full name of the standardized screening assessment.

  • Developmental Domains Covered-What developmental domain does this standardized screening assessment address? Motor, physical growth, social, emotional, behavior, communication, etc.

  • Age Range-What age child is this standardized screening assessment appropriate to administer?

  • Purpose of the Screening-What can an Early Childhood professional do with the results? What should happen next?

    Part II: Standardized Screening Assessments Essay

    Case Scenario: You have been hired as the new director of an Early Childhood Program. During the interview and hiring process, you realize that the culture in this Early Childhood Program has historically been centered on the use of informal portfolios as the sole assessment format. The staff and families enjoy the use of portfolios and are very satisfied with this type of informal assessment.

    You would like to propose using standardized screening assessments for all of the children in the Pre-K classroom as the local school district uses standardized screening assessment scores to assist with placement decisions.

    Be sure to read the NAEYC Advice for a Pre-school Teacher at http://www.naeyc.org/blogs/sfriedmannaeycorg/2013/07/advice-new-preschool-teacher to prepare for your essay discussion on the importance of respecting the culture in the workplace.

    In a one page essay, discuss the following using the case scenario:


1.        What is this organization’s culture concerning assessment?


2.        Why is this organization’s culture on assessment important to understand?


3.        How would you discuss your proposal to use standardized screening assessments while respecting the culture and role of informal assessment?


In addition, please be sure to include a title and reference page with at least two references in APA format.