Unit 5 | English homework help


By field of study Is Early Childhood Development

Review your Unit 9 Final Project instructions. Select a topic you will write about for this Final Project. Write and post a preliminary thesis for this topic. Then locate and read a reliable internet source that you can use to develop your thesis. 

Briefly summarize this source and explain how you will use the source in your Final Project. Include a 6th edition APA references page citation for this source. 

For the Final Project (due at the end of Unit 9), you will write an academic essay that informs an audience about ONE specific skill, quality, or behavior necessary for success in the field of study you are currently studying.

Your audience is people currently studying for a degree in this field. You have a choice as to your writing goal. You can choose to either focus on explaining WHY this skill, quality or behavior is valuable to their success in the field OR you can instead choose to explain ways that they can develop this skill, quality or behavior. The one skill, quality or behavior you focus on must be specific (Accounting skills is too broad a topic, for example).