The cloud www issues | Computer Science homework help


Research and learn about the three topics listed below. 

1.  Dataveillance 

2.  Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

3.  Internet Parental Control Software  

4.   Internet Anonymity 

5.  Cryptography

6.  Biometrics

7.  Big Data (Data Analytics)

8.  Artificial Intelligence (AI – deep learning applications)

9.  Browser fingerprinting  

10. Facial Recognition

11. Virtualization

12. Blockchain  

13. Machine Learning

14. Application Security 

15. Cryptojacking

16. Cyber-Physical Attacks

17. Autonomous Vehicles

18. Smart Medical Devices

19. Electronic Medical Records

20. Smart Systems/Devices

Create a slide presentation detailing the information on your chosen topics. Upload your presentation in the assignment box. (Refer to rubric)


Slide #1-Title, Your Name, INF Section, Date

Slide #2,3-Choice #1

Slide #4-5-Choice #2

Slide #6-7-Choice #3

Slide #8-Work Cited

Answer for each choice the following:

1. What it is (description)?

2. What are the security problem or issues?

3. How to reduce or eliminate the threat? How the security issue(s) could be prevented or protected?

Additional Presentation Requirements:

Upload your presentation in the assignment box.

Additional Sources:
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