Technology change infographic for presentation


Prepare a Canva Infographic overview for presentation to the class.   The topic may be chosen in one of two forms.  

1.  Select a specific technology that will change an industry. The infographic should show how that technology will change a specific industry or business.

2.  Select a company or business that will be changed by technology. Describe what changes that company or business will see.  An example would be explaining how healthcare benefits from using cloud, IoT, AI, mobile, etc. 

The overview will be accompanied by an infographic, NOT a power point, created from Canva software. 

It is suggested that you prepare an outline of your overview. Your Canva will be presented on the screen in class. You should be prepared to quickly review the content. You and the professor will have a short Q&A with the class after your presentation.

The format MUST be. 

1.  Opening – State the topic and points to be made.

2.  Presentation- provide an overview of the Infographic.

3.  The discussion will conclude with a Q & A with the class. 

There is a student sample attached for you to view.