Response Paper Writing

The majority of academic papers are devoid of any personal judgments and subjective opinions. Thus, being assigned a reaction paper students often google how to write a response paper to an article or movie, book, etc. Tasks of this type require you to express your personal opinion about a video, book or article. Thus, first-person pronouns (I, my, me) are usually allowed in such papers.

response/reaction paper is a piece of writing that requires a student to focus on a certain text/video. It might be necessary to show the connections between some works, evaluate the authors’ ideas, or analyze the way the author makes his/her point.

It is often required to compare the ideas and statements made by the authors or speakers with one’s personal life experiences. Students should be sincere and openly share their opinions and feelings. It may seem unusual to the one who got used to the scholarly writing style. Still, you should not be afraid to sound biased – it’s your own reflection!

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