Relationship selling – changing the sales function for the better


Q1. What are the immediate issues for Frank Wang?

Q2. What are the longer term issues?

Q.3. What does a changing Sales environment mean for the company and Wang?

Q.4 What are the core competencies that the sales force must develop to win business in the textile industry? Please justify your answer with theory.

Q5. Is the Sales Management system at Worldwide Equipment effective? Discuss and back up your argument.

Q.6. Draw up a training programme that will improve Weiman’s skills as a salesperson – this should be very specific and detailed, covering all aspects of the skills required to be an effective salesperson. 

Q.7. Is Wang a good Sales Manager? Discuss using theory please.

Q.8. If you were Frank Wang what would you do next? Don’t forget the ‘managing up’ aspect or dealing with Yu, Frank’s boss.