Public company | Accounting homework help


Choose a US public company that sells inventory (everyone needs to pick a different company). Review their most recent Annual Report. 


  1. What inventory costing method does the company use? Explain why you think the company uses this particular method?
  2. What might happen to the company’s income and inventory balance if they chose an alternative costing method? Be specific in your example.
  3. Does the company value their inventory at lower of cost or market (LCM)? If so, how does the company define market? What factors might it consider in deciding whether or not to write down its inventory?
  4. If the company does not use LCM, what method does the company use to value its inventory in consideration of possible inventory write-downs?

Initial post due by Thursday.  

Remember to include at least one scholarly source in your post or comments. Source must be cited in-text and full reference listed at the end of the post, both in APA format.