Possible fdi in 10 countries research and analysis

Based on the case attached, develop the following:

1. Identify the key criteria and considerations that need to be taken into account in evaluating BFSI (the company)entry in the proposed foreign markets.

2. Of the countries under consideration, which five would be most suitable for the

immediate establishment of a BFSI subsidiary? Highlight the key issues for each of the selected countries and discuss the reasoning behind your recommendation. 

3. Which countries would be unsuitable for a BFSI subsidiary at this time, and what are the basic shortcomings in each case?

*  you can look for “country information” or “data & statistics” resources. Some of the resources you can review here are the following:Passport GMID,Country Commercial Guides, Country Studies, OECD iLibrary, World Bank eLibrary, World Bank, Open Data, EIU.com, Europa World Online, CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online)