Please choose one of the two questions and respond by either


Please choose one of the two questions and respond by either explaining the concept or by explaining the concept and applying the concept to a contemporary situation, film, or literature to further expand your discussion.  This is not an opinion paper. You must respond to your question by drawing from the text and using quotations. When writing do not assume the reader (me) is familiar with what you are discussing. Define and describe each concept you use as if you are writing for a first grader whom you wish to explain your ideas to. Organize your writing and structure your thoughts. In your introduction present a clear statement explaining what you will be discussing and how you will approach your discussion.  This assignment is meant to help develop critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.

 Choose one of the below questions or pose a question of your own and write 7-10 pages: 

1.Why does Nietzsche think that Socratic reason says no to life and what does it mean to say yes to life? 


use any other reliable sources if needed.