Need two paragraphs and two references for each discussion question

Week 6 Discussion 1


•From the first e-Activity, select the legal structure for a business
you would like to start.  Provide a rationale for your selection.

•Assume that your best friend is starting a business, and wants you to
invest. Speculate on which legal structure would make you most
comfortable as an investor. Support your response.


Week 6 Discussion 2


•From the second e-Activity, evaluate Ben and Jerry’s strategies and
efforts to address its ethics and social responsibilities to the
environment. Speculate on why many businesses do not follow Ben and
Jerry’s example regarding their responsibilities to the environment.
Support your answer.

•Companies have conflicting responsibilities to multiple stakeholders.
They need to satisfy shareholders, employees, customers, and the
community. Analyze the conflict created when managers are paid bonuses
that reflect only bottom-line profit. Propose alternative compensation
schemes and support your proposition.