Myers briggs personality type | sociology | Rutgers University – New Brunswick


 2 pages excluding cover and references. 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, normal margins. Use APA citation.

1. Utilize the Myers Briggs results and summarize your personality type.

                                   (I WILL UPLOAD FILES WITH MY RESULTS FOR MYRES BRIGGS TEST)

2. What did you learn about yourself by completing the Myers Briggs?

3. Make at least two connections between your personality type and specific settings within the social structure in the United States – how might the features be a strength or challenge for you in various environments (e.g., in the work force, in school, in the community)?

4. Think about your personality in relationship to your cultural experiences. What connections do you see between the development of your personality and your cultural experiences?

5. Concluding Remarks 


 Personality type: Advocate (INFJ-T)
Traits: Introverted – 53%, Intuitive – 58%, Feeling – 82%, Judging – 82%, Turbulent – 71%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement