Module 3 | Education homework help


Start by exploring the following links to do some research

Next, in the sharing forum post a thread discussing Screening Tools and Assessment. You may use the following talking points to guide your discussion:

  1. As you did your research, what are the key differences between developmental screening, and assessment (which includes developmental monitoring and developmental evaluation)? 
  2. Now that you have a clearer understanding of screening vs. assessment discuss how you will utilize information obtained from the “screening” questionnaire/tools you researched to educate parents and promote continued development in their young children using various assessment methods.
  3. What is the difference between ongoing assessment and diagnostic assessment?  
  4. How can screening tools be used to help you determine which type of assessment is appropriate? In other words, what would be the indicator that further evaluation for early intervention services may be necessary? 
  5. As a teacher, how would you potentially use ongoing assessment to plan and teach the children in your early childhood classroom?