Lp model by fedex company.


Please refer to this example for a real world application of LP model by FedEx Company

Find and provide the URL for another good real world application of LP model.  It may be written (like FedEx) or it may be a video.  (You may not use the one I provided in my hints)

Compare your application to the one provided for FedEX.  Discuss the similarities and differences between them (target functions, constraints, etc.)?

Critique both yours and the FedEx one. What did each do well?  Did one show/do something better than the other?

For your response posts, look at those applications provided by your peers.  Offer your own critique.

Please note:  You must find a different resource than the ones your peers have found if the post has been up for 24 or more hours.  In other words, if you post a video, no one else can post that same video if yours has been up for 24 hours or more.  If it is less than 24 hours, and it was just a coincidence that two students located the same resource and were posting it at the same time, then I am fine with it matching someone else’s choice.