Investment 5 page writing | Economics homework help

I want a 5 page writing and the topic is:

“How synchronous is global growth among key country blocs/regions? (Please consider a somewhat long history of 40-50 years).”

So it should be emphasizing the business and economic growth on past 40-50 years stories. Like why some regions had a quick economic growth comparing other countries and region. what are the reasons. Try to analyze the diversity and the countries which are doing more trades together. In the 5 page paper, at first 3 pages please try to emphasize on the global economic growth for the key countries like USA, Canada, Europe, China, japan, Korea, India and on 4th and 5th page you should analyze the last 40-50 years of the economic growth of the middle eastern countries like Egypt, Saudi Arab, UAE and Kuwait. Like why middle east have surpassed Europe in Economic growth. Try putting headings and points for each paragraph. So the, Generalized point will be, “How the global economy changed in last 40-50 years and the key factors”