In the united states, each state is responsible for creating at least

In the United States, each State is responsible for creating at least some of its gun control policies. In some states, it is easy to legally obtain firearms, while in others it is more restrictive. Recent studies have compared these varied policies and their relationship to mass shootings. In response to the increase in frequency and severity of mass school shootings in the United States, lawmakers have begun to introduce and pass legislation allowing teachers to carry guns in schools. President Trump has even suggested providing a financial ‘bonus’ to teachers who choose to do so. You are to research and interrupt some of these studies which have looked at the relationship between gun policy and mass shootings. Compare and contrast various States, citing specifically their gun polices, and providing statistics on their mass shootings.Once you have clearly illustrated any potential relationship, you are then to argue whether policies that will allow teachers to carry firearms in the classrooms, will achieve their intended goal of decreasing mass school shootings. Use statistical analysis of the published research to support your argument. DO NOT SIMPLY STATE YOUR OPINION. List any potential arguments on the contrary to your decision and address them. Minimum of five academic sources and 1800 words. Please include a cover page with your name, student number, and assignment title. Use APA style for your citations and references The professor wants 3 states that hardly have any gun control compared to 3 states that have gun control He wants to look at school shootings and if they can have a lower rate of killings in the U.S.A by guns with tougher laws about gun control is different.