History post civil war with article comparison

 After reading the source (a few times would be a good idea), you should place the source in historical context, analyze it, and assess its significance. Consider how the document sheds light on relevant aspects of life in the post-Civil War South. In addition to saying something about the time period in which the document was written – the era of Reconstruction – you should then analyze the document itself. You might say something (in general terms) about the author, about the document’s purpose, and about the message it conveys. If possible, you might note the document’s intended audience. In analyzing the document and explaining its historical significance, you can certainly quote directly from the source (use quotation marks to indicate a direct quotation). In two pages, you will not be able to consider every part of the document. Thus, you should write about those sections of the source that you find most interesting, important, or illuminating. The aim of your essay is to use the document to shed light on an important aspect of the historical period in which it was written. In short, by looking carefully at the document and discussing its language, you should explain to your reader how this particular source helps us to understand some element of life in the American South after the Civil War. use the images/ article as a base of the essay and cite as author and page #. which will be 6 or 7