Hi mate, thanks for taking my order. if you have any concerns about

Hi writer, I just saw the draft you wrote for my job application. Could you please delete the first part of it, and please apply PROFESSIONAL PRATICE 1, 3,and 4 of the leadership framework into this application. The application is suppose to explain how to demonstrate the abilities of managing as a leader of the faculty. Thanks.

all the documents attached talks of teaching experience and how he has been leading other teachers and also how he has been interacting with community which i think i have captured.

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Hi there, I would like to get your help write two pages supporting statement for job application. Here are some information that you need for writing statement with:
1, It’s a SLC position, the head of Maths and Science Faculty of a high school.
2. I have been working at the school for 8 years with current colleagues. We know each other well. We had a good relationship and work together very well.
3. During the years at school, I have been a Maths and Science teacher. Meanwhile, I am the numeracy coordinator of the school. In doing this job, I demonstrate my positive attitude and capability in doing: i) managing Maths Online, setting up tasks for classes, helping teachers and students set up log in and passwords, monitoring students progress in doing Maths Online etc; ii) PAT testing. It’s an online test system. I set up the tests for students, analyse the result to monitor students learning ability in Maths and explain the feedback to executive teachers. It’s an ongoing progress. iii)numeracy coordinator. I help students and other teachers in managing school’s numeracy line such as giving them extra help in numeracy, setting up numeracy tasks etc. iv)NAPLAN test. setting this up every year. 
It’s some basic information that might be helpful for writing this statement. I also attach with leadership framework. Please address the Capabilities 1, 3 and 4. Please let me know with any concerns. Thanks

Hi mate, thanks for taking my order. If you have any concerns about this job application, please let me know. As this statement is quite career related, I am happy to give you more information about the job if you need. Thanks