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B.   Beer’s law plot and best fit line for the data in Table 2.

C.    Use the Beer’s law plot and best fit line to determine the concentrations for samples: M21050-1, M21050-2, M21050-3, M21050-4, M21050-5.

·     M21050-1: 2.17 X 10-4

·     M21050-2: 2.25 X 10-4

·     M21050-3: 2.04 X 10-4

·     M21040-4: 2.27 X 10-4

·     M21050-5: 3.00 X 10-4

D.   The company reported that sample M21050-2 has an M concentration of 0.0003M. Assuming that the results in Question C are 100% accurate and without error, is the company’s statement accurate? What is the percent error between the reported concentration and the concentration calculated in Question C?

If the concentration is correct in question C then the companies statement would not be correct. The error percentage is roughly 30%.

E.    By law, Drug Company Q must have an M concentration between 2.85 x 10-4 M and 3.15 x 10-4M. all samples analyzed meet the legal requirements? Use the information from Question C to explain your answer.

The concentration in question C is 1 drug, M21050-5, this meets the requirements with a concentration of 3.00 X 10-4. 

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