Help Me Solve 1 Suppose You Want To Test The Claim That Mu 25 6 Given A Sample S

help me solve

1) suppose you want to test the claim that mu > 25.6. Given a sample size of n = 42 and a level of significance of alpha = 0.10 when should you reject H0?

2)t is theorized that up to 15% of people (up to and including the 15%) do not carry cash with them and only use debit/credit cards.

A survey of 125 shoppers at a local mall finds that 13% of shoppers do not carry cash.

At a 0.01 level of significance, is the initial theory correct?

Is this a left, right or two tail test?

What is the calculated value of z ?

Convert z to a P-value?

Do you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis?

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