Hello Tutors The Subject Name Is Identify And Evaluate Marketing Opportunities I

Hello, tutors

the subject name is Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities.

I have some questions:

2.1 Establish a marketing goal for Bean Bar. What could Bean Bar be aiming towards?


2.2 Who have you identified as competitors for Bean Bar? What have you observed

about the competitors performance and profile in the market? (2.2)

2.3 Identify three marketing opportunities for Bean Bar to pursue. Estimate the resource

requirements. Note there is a maximum of $25,000 budget for each marketing

opportunity. (2.3 & 3.3)

2.4 From the opportunities that you have identified, analyse the financial viability based

on the: (2.3)

 costs

 benefits

 risks

2.5 Determine the projected return on investment by Bean bar for undertaking each of the

recommended marketing activities. Rank these in order of viability and likely

contribution to the business. (2.4 & 2.5)

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