Hello This Is A Calculus Ii Question Series And Sequences Do A Convergency Or Di

HelloThis is a calculus II question.Series and sequences;Do a Convergency or Divergency test on the eqn.E(SUM) (ln Squareroot(n))/nPlease show the steps ans state the type of convergence test that you usedExample Geometric, Test for divergence, Integral test etcThanks

1. un = 1/(2n-1) and un+1 = 1/(2n+1-1)limn→∞ un+1/un = limn→∞ (2n-1)/(2n+1-1) = limn→∞ (1-1/2n)/(2-1/2n) = ½ <1. Hence, itconverges as per D’Alembert’s ratio test. 2. un =…

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