Hello Need This In Excel Phstat Excel File For This Please With Interpretation A

Hello need this in excel PHSTAT excel file for this  please with interpretation

A bank with a branch located in a commercial district of a city has the business objective of improving the process for serving customers during the noon to 1:00 pm lunch period.  To do so, the waiting time (defined as the number of minutes that elapse from when the customer enters the line  until he or she reaches the teller window) needs to be shodden to increase customer sastifaction. A random sample of 15 customers is selected and he waiting times are collected and stored below for Bank 1 

4.21  5.55  3.02  5.13  4.77  2.34  3.54  3.20  4.50  6.10  0.38  5.12  6.46  6.19  3.79

Suppose that another branch, located in a residential area is also concerned with the non-to 1pm lunch period. A random sample of 15 customers is selected and the waiting times ae collected and stored in Bank 2 below

9.66  5.90  8.02  5.79  8.73  3.82  8.01  8.35  10.49  6.68  5.64  4.08  6.17  9.91  5.47

a. is there evidence of a difference in the variability of the waiting time between the two branches? (use =.05) 

b.Determine the p-valu in (a) and interpret the meaning

c. What assumptions about the population distribution of each bank is necessary in (a)? Is the assumption valid for these data? 

d. Based on the results of (a), is it appropriate to use the pooled- variance t test to compare the two branches? 

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