Hello May I Receive Help From Someone For This Assignment I Am Not Sure On How T

Hello May I receive help from someone for this assignment I am not sure on how to do a flowchart

In the video Overview of the Strategic Planning Process, Erica Olsen illustrates the key steps that should be applied in the formal planning process. Imagine you and a peer have recently opened a new consulting firm that offers advice on technology expansions for small- to medium-sized businesses. You have decided to launch a website to help promote your company and the available services offered.

Use the NCU library and/or other Internet sources to research your topic. Construct a visual chart (i.e. flowchart) which outlines the activities you would perform during each stage of the formal planning process to create your new website.

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Flow chart on the formal planning process to creating a new websitePlanDesignCode launchMaintain

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