Hello I Need In 24 Hours Attached The Draft File Of Body The Body Revision Is A

hello, i need  in 24 hours. attached  the draft file of body  

The body revision is a routine assignment  Thank you for your submission! Please see my direct comments on your paper that indicate specific areas where revisions are needed   

Page 2 No additional spaces between title and text.

 Page 3 Where are the rest of your section headings throughout the paper? There should be section headings within the Lit Review to indicate the Pro/Con sections, and there should be a section heading indicating the start of the Body paragraphs. 

Page 6 Beginning here, your text is justified to both the left and right margins, but it only needs to be justified to the left margin. opposition*

 Page 7 Make sure that you’re sufficiently citing this information – if you’re paraphrasing throughout a paragraph or providing very direct statistics throughout, you need to cite every 2-3 sentences.

Reference page 9  Here are some general things to keep in mind about your references page:

 -the title References should be centered at the top of the page (not bold or italicized) -reference citations should be arranged alphabetically by author’s last name (or the first element in the citation for sources with no author)  

 -all lines on the references page should be double spaced with no additional spaces between citations  

 -articles, books, and webpages listed within your references should be in sentence case, which means that you should capitalize only the first word of the title, proper nouns, and the first word after a colon or hyphen 

  -books and journal titles are italicized. Webpages and article titles are not   -the first line of each citation is flush with the left margin and each subsequent line is indented   -you must add retrieval information for all online citations. Articles from databases may have DOIs (digital object identifiers), but if not, you can use the name of the database or the url of the journal homepage 

  -remove hyperlinks from retrieval info  

 Make these changes where applicable on ALL reference citations!  9 / 9 college campuses.  The Daily Dot (italicized). Retrieved from htttps://www.daily….   Article titles are not italicized. No quotation marks are needed. 

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