Hello I Am Trying To Do Statistic And I Can T Understand It I Have A Group Of Sa


I am trying to do statistic and I can’t understand it. I have a group of salaries.

$55,040.00 $55,100.00 $57,410.00 $58,890.00 $58,910.00 $58,970.00 $59,150.00 $62,800.00 $66,400.00 $67,690.00 $69,760.00 $72,310.00 $61,869.00 $72,310.00 $55,040.00. I need to find the measures of central tendency: (mean, median mode). I also need the measures of variation (range ans standard deviation) and what the value means. I can not understand any of this. Can you please help me? Do I put it in the form of Empirical Rule or Chebyshev’s Theorem. Is it best describe as Empirical Rule or Chebyshev’s Theorem. This is as clear as mud to me. Can you help me?

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