Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Why Did Tv Spread So Fast Ar

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Why did TV spread so fast around the world. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

This has seen the rise in demand of the television. Apart from major towns with good transmission signals, it has also made its mark in small towns and villages in Africa.

All television is educative television. the question is its ability to educate (Todorovic pp.117). In recent years television has proved to have a great impact on the modern generation both positively and negatively. Curbing this, many television channels operators have come up with a viewer discretion options to give options of choices depending mostly on age. The reason behind this decision is that only modification of the television is the only lasting solution (Webb, pp.170).

The fact that the license to air television can be accessed by a myriad of individuals, a massive global rise has been recorded. In many nations globally, individuals can own a television channel. This gives room for individual or organizations to venture business wise. The establishments of many channels play a major role in growing the television community. This is because every persons taste is represented. In addition to that, nations globally have given the freedom of ownership of televisions: one household can own more than one television set as long they can afford it. This makes television easily accessible. Statistics indicate that, more than 50% households globally own more than one set of television (Williams, pp.30). This promotes the growing culture of TVs.

Another major reason behind the global widespread of the television is the development of lifestyle and business. In regard to lifestyle, this proves that the world is turning to an ignorant free society. TV is the new source of life skills, opportunities and services. An upgrade in lifestyle definitely needs the access of a television set. The urge of acquiring a modern lifestyle, and keeping in contact in the contemporary trends drives many people to acquire a set and this grows the culture even bigger. Business development

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