Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Using Examples Discuss The W

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Using examples, discuss the ways in which any one of the genres explored on the module can be analysed either in ideological terms or in terms of the construction of gender or race. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

This is further depicted with the passage of equality laws, and the existence of civil rights groups, whose intentions is to promote human rights. This includes equal representation of both genders. The major interest of this paper is on the media industry. This paper seeks to examine the manner which the sitcom genre, is able to construct the concept of gender and race, within the society.

Sitcom as a genre of comedy constantly features characters sharing the same universal setting, for example residence or place of work, with time after time comic conversation. Sitcom is the abbreviation of situation comedy (Morreale, 2003). Programs like these originated from radio, however these days, sitcoms are found frequently on television as one of its prevailing story forms. A situation comedy television program may possibly be created in frontage of studio viewers, depending on the programs creation set-up. The use of laugh trucks imitates the sound effects of a live studio audience. The usage of these laugh trucks is one of the major characteristics of the sitcom genre movies.

Situation comedy contrasts with the other types of comedy like the sketch comedy and stand-up comedy as it has a plot and ongoing characters in, basically a comedic narrative plot. The situation is often made up of comedic sequences lay down within a family unit. place of work, or amongst a set of associates (Eduardo, 2011). Before and during the 20th century, comedy sketches were offered within a series of shows and assorted with tuneful presentations, as in vaudeville. The growing mass medium of radio allowed audiences to often return to the programs, so programs could display the same characters and situations in each and every episode and look forward to audiences to be well-known with them (Eduardo, 2011).

Friend, aired for ten full seasons in 1994, is a renowned comedy show in the United

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