Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Thee Prevalence Of Alcohol C

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Thee prevalence of alcohol consumption in adults in various geographic areas of Western Australia. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Through this study we have surveyed the opinion of people towards the legislation specific to alcohol consumption control. The imposition of taxes on this product is also under discussion for which feedbacks from consumers and distributors have been incorporated (WHO 2004, 234).

The consumption of alcohol in Australia is at its extreme. Such consumption has potential to inject harmful effects on the young population of the region. The drinking of alcohol is related to the social and psychological factors, and at instances the increase in consumption of alcohol is requirements relevant to the social adaptation. The consumption of alcohol is also affected by social atmosphere. the place and weather are instrumental (Blum 1981, 50). The ignorance on the part of certain population is also responsible for the increase in the consumption of alcohol. The Australian population mainly comprises of people between the age group of 20-35, and this young group is exposed to several social temptations. The public and social events have greatly pulled and attracted the population towards alcohol. During one of the social survey, it was highlighted that at instances alcohol has been replaced by drugs including methamphetamines. The social bias and differences are among the reason behind alcohol consumption. the personal and professional grudge between two people is also the cause.

Under research method, the sampling technique was instrumental to gather conclusive and accurate observations and results. As per the adopted method, the groups of alcohol consumer were divided on gender and age basis. The activities of the consumer were also studies, and the consumption of alcohol was related against such activities. The bar owners were also part of the analysis, and the bar managers were interviewed. The sample size was also critical. therefore more than 10 samples were taken for each study. In second phase,

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