Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Halo Effect In Persuasio

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The halo effect in persuasion. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Robert Cialdini (psychology professor) suggested six principles of persuasion. These are principle of reciprocation, principle of scarcity, principle of authority, principle of commitment and consistency, principle of consensus, and the principle of liking. In this report, however, only principle of reciprocation will be discussed.

According to Cialdini (2006) such a principle can be clearly seen in each of the human cultures. Principle of reciprocation requires that a person repays what another person has provided. In other words, it is like doing a favor while expecting them to return it at a later stage. The second way by which the Rule of Reciprocity may allow for a rise in the compliance makes use of a slight variation on the actual subject: rather than to provide a favor initially which would lead to a stimulation of a returned favor, a person might rather decided on a first concession which would result in a return concession. There is a certain compliance process that is called the “reject-then-retreat-technique”, or “door-in-the-face-technique”, has a major dependence upon the stress of reciprocating concessions. Through initiating with a major favor of which there is a major probability of rejection, the requester can later beneficially back away with a smaller request, which is the one that was needed since the beginning. There is a probability of such a request being accepted since seemingly it is a concession.

I applied principle of reciprocation on two people. One was a friend, while other was a stranger. This helped me find whether the other person returned favor only because he was a friend and/or just being nice, or was it the principle of reciprocation. I applied both, rule of reciprocation and the reject-then-retreat technique.

The rule of reciprocation failed to work with my friend,

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