Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Explore Project It Needs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Explore Project. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Explore Worldwide Ltd. is an adventure tour company which was established in 1981. Explore is not just a market leader but it is the most popular adventure tourism company in the UK. Explore offers various torus packages such as short breaks, family adventures, cycle tours, tailor-made tours etc. Explore has organized 40,000 tours until now and offer 400 tours across 120 countries.

As mentioned above the tourism industry is growing at a rapid rate and hence there is tremendous competition. Explore’s competitors are not just local and national but also international tourism companies. This is because of the niche that Explore has established over the years by organizing tours to international tourists and has been able to build a loyal customer base. This is evident from the fact that there has been an increase in the number of trips booked by same tourist groups. The various competitors of Explore in UK are Diamond Travel, Thomas Cook, Exodus, First Choice, The Adventure Company, etc. There are various international tourism companies that compete with Explore but they all can not be analyzed in general as the competition in international market is destination oriented.

In the recent years adventure tourism has grown at a fast rate and is one of the primary categories in the tourism market. This has been supported by various researches. A study by National Geographic and TIA suggested that 20% of the total leisure market is occupied by active or adventure travel (Heyniger, 2006). It was revealed in 2001 (The Mintel Report) that 25% of total European tour packages were accounted by adventure torus. The study also found out that there were a total 443,000 adventure holidays per year. It is estimated by Travel Industry Association of America that the adventure tourism is growing at a rate of 10%. Various studies have thrown light on the fact that there is an increase in the number of women who are taking up adventure tourism

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