Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Effectiveness Of Abstine

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

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It promotes sexual refrain from indulgence before marriage and does not include discussion over contraceptive methods. (“Abstinence-Only Sex Education”, 2011). The abstinence-only sex education views abstinence from sexual intercourse as the best way to control sexual health. (“Abstinence and Sex Education”, n.d.) It shares the fundamental use of teaching social, health and psychological gains, which can be realized by refraining from indulgence in sexual acts. Bearing children at a young age is both harmful for the baby as well as the parents and society. It promotes the abstinence from alcohol and drug abusing which leads to increased desire for sexual intercourses. It also teaches one to acquire self-sufficiency before indulging into any type of sexual activity. (“Abstinence and Sex Education”, n.d.) The combined education based on both abstinence and comprehensive based is often referred as abstinence plus. (“Abstinence and Sex Education”, n.d.) Abstinence-only sex education is found to be losing control in the recent years. This type of education is a faulty or negative view of contraception. It is required to provide consumers with inaccurate information and the teenagers are perceptive consumers. (Thomas, 2009) Education on sexuality is a hot button topic in schools and is associated with the social and parental interpretation of wrong or right and with the people’s sensitivity towards religious and personal autonomy. Pelvic inflammatory diseases are a consequence of untreated or inefficiently treated reproductive tract diseases. It is responsible for sterility and impotency amongst woman and can lead to ectopic pregnancies, cancers of reproductive tract, abortions and stillbirths. (Collins, Alagiri &amp. Summers, 2002) The prime reason why teens do not opt for the use of contraception is due to alcohol and drug abuse. A reciprocally faithful monogamous sexual relationship in the context of marriage is the expected benchmark of sexual acts. Outside the context of wedding sexual activity is likely to have negative psychological and physical effects. (Collins, Alagiri &amp. Summers, 2002) The affected youth may include sexually experiences teens, sexually abused teens, homeless and runaway teens, gay and lesbian youth as well. The gay, lesbian and bisexual teens face other consequences as well, as harassment and violence and finally they tend to commit mass suicide. Bisexuals are abandoned by their family members and are deprived of both public and private health care systems. (Collins, Alagiri &amp. Summers, 2002) In most countries the homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender youths (LGBT) are often neglected in sex education classes, which include lack of discussion regarding manual, oral, and anal sex practices in regards of different risks for contracting deadly reproductive tract diseases. (“Sex Education”, 2011) STATISTICAL DATA OF IMPACT OF ABSTINENCE-ONLY SEX EDUCATION OVER PEOPLE The University of Pennsylvania published the fact that only one third of sixth-seventh grade adolescents who studied abstinence-only sex education had sexual intercourses in the next two years. The study is called “game changing” by proponents of abstinence-only sex education. (“Abstinence-Only Sex Education”, 2011) Abstinence and comprehensive based approaches of sex education can be combined to have increased impact on people.

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