Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Dilemma With Americas Fi

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The dilemma with Americas financial cliff. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The polar bears in the arctic oceans are losing their natural habitat. A lot of species of animals have already become extinct because of their inability to survive in the climate as hot as it has got today. Besides, human beings themselves have been no less affected by the global warming. Melting of the ice caps would put a major portion of the land under water. Results of the global warming have already started to show up in the form of frequent occurrence of earthquakes, cyclones, and floods. If human beings do not immediately stop the practices causing global warming, it might be too late to take any action few years later.

There is no doubt that human beings are the prime cause of global warming, and that human activities have endangered the nature in many ways. However, if human beings stop such activities, it would be good for the planet but on the compromise upon the standard of living of the human beings. In the present age, every country is striving hard to grow its gross domestic product (GDP), attain financial stability and advance its economy. These factors are very important particularly from the perspective of business. It would be very hard for the manufacturing companies to sustain if they reduce their carbon emission into the atmosphere or impose limits on its emission.

Kant places emphasis on the will of an individual in a certain action rather than its consequences. Good will is the most important in Kant’s perspective. Following Kant’s ethics, the solution of the dilemma of global warming can be taking actions to protect the nature like growing trees while the practices causing global warming can be continued since the intention of human beings is to enhance the standard of living rather than destroying the nature.

Deontological ethics asserts that human beings assume the responsibility to respect and protect others’ rights. Thus, human beings need to stop

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