Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Supply Chain Technology And

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Supply chain technology and talent. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

gnated consumer, waste reduction, reducing the unit cost of the products and enhancing flexibility by ensuring the response time to consumer complaints is reduced as possible. Improvement is a term that is used to indicate positive progress in a certain process or undertaking. Improving the supply chain is optimizing the supply chain management process to ensure sustainability despite market dynamism (Chandra and Grabis, 2007).

The business environment is very dynamic and thus, keeps on changing unpredictably according to prevailing factors that may be inherent in the market at any particular time. The changes that occur in the marketplace necessitate for a change in the manner in which business organizations conduct their processes (Leeman, 2010). Initially, firms would gain a competitive advantage in supply chain through only two dimensions that are quality and price of products. However, due to advancement in technology and increase in competition, efficient technology and recruitment and development of skills of the organizations’ staff have become some of the critical factors driving supply chains (Ivanov and Sokolov, 2010). For instance, better trained staff can process the orders of customers quickly hence saving them time.

Moreover, efficient technology like internet is an imperative component of any supply chain from both the perspective of the suppliers and customers because it helps ensure all the four forms of utility are met that include time, place, form and possession like it has been established that a well-designed online system platform, which has the capability to allow customers to make purchases and orders online not only saves time for the business and the customers but also helps the business to penetrate into more markets, which finally translates to increased sales and profitability. Moreover, elaborate information systems enable firms to interact with their clients readily thus, minimizing the supply chain channel, in addition to,

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