Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Summary And Evaluation It Ne

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Summary and evaluation. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The researchers used ten school shooters in the study. The criteria used in the selection of the study subjects involved selecting the school shooters whose information was well known. The data collection process involved conducting the same psychiatric and psychological tests on the subjects (Langman, 2009).

The results of the study indicated that three categories of the subjects showed different characteristics. For instance, the researchers discovered that the traumatized ones were influenced by their upbringing at home. The three traumatized people developed the criminal behaviors because their parents abused them at home. In addition, their parents had separated when they were young. They also acquired their behaviors by learning from their parents who were also criminals. The second category that consisted of the five psychotics had different characteristics. They all had schizophrenic disorders unlike the traumatized subjects. However, they were all raised in good intact families where they were not abused. In addition, their parents did not have criminal behaviors. The third category that consisted of two psychopathic shooters showed different behaviors such as lack of empathy and other sadistic behaviors. The researchers also discovered that most individuals from the three categories do not commit murder. However, other factors such as poor family structures and peer influence motivate them to commit murder (Langman, 2009).

This study is similar to my study which aims at solving school shooting issues. It has provided a lot of information on the causes of school shooting. By knowing the causes, it will be easier to create an effective action plan for addressing the issue. The results of the study are related to psychology because they explain the psychological behaviors of those who engage in school shooting. This is also relevant to our projects because it will give direction for further research on how solve

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