Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Strategy Implementation It N 1

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Strategy Implementation. It needs to be at least 750 words.

In centralized organizational structure, the authority for decision making is determined at the top, and a few people being responsible for making decisions and creating organization’s policies. Decentralized organization structure means that every level of management throughout the organization is given authority to decision and policy making. Lines of authority have limits and powers, that is, separate, different levels of an organization structure. These lines define different groups of people such as the manager, human resource team, and chief engineers. Lines of communication are the path one follows to convey given information from one level of an organization to the other until the top level is reached (Pryor, et al, 2009). This helps make efficiency of performance increase among the workers as they are free to convey their issues to the top groups with ease. According to Pryor et al. (2009), committees are the most formal of these types of work group, appointed or selected to perform a function on behalf of a larger group. They must be headed by a committee chair and are composed of individuals representing different points of view e.g. junior or senior faculty. A team is a group of people with complementary skills organized to function cooperatively as a group. They change the culture of an organization from one tradition to a focused level so that to forefront change. Task forces are work groups comprising experts, in specified areas of knowledge, and skills to accomplish an objective. Systems The company budget is set annually based on the previous year expenditure with considerations for expected maintenance, acquisition of new airliners and staff training, promotions and the projected cost of operation. The company’s strategic plan, e.g., expected expansion, diversification, insurance costs and cooperate responsibility, is factored. As stated by Bower (1966), planning is the process of developing and maintaining a project plan that provides supporting details to the project definition in terms of resources, time, cost, scope, and schedule. In the airline company, the plan provides the framework that will ensure that the project results are achieved within defined performance objectives of time, cost, quality, and slope. The planning is both at an individual and collective levels and involves five phases: first, the purpose and principles definition, where the question why is answered and the boundaries sets and focus toward completion done. Secondly, the expected outcome is visualized. Thirdly, idea generation that is brainstorming for moving project to completion. Fourthly the suggested and brainstormed ideas are organized to set the sequence and priorities. Lastly the next course of action is identified. The performance evaluation measures in the airlines involve the use of annual net income, market value per share, quality of strategic and business plans, customer satisfaction and the skills of the employees. The team is evaluated based on. attendance and constructive participation in team meetings, contribution to a group effort independent of team meetings, ability to work as a team, and overall contribution (Bower, 1966). People According to Bower (1966), employees in an airline must possess skills that help them deliver the expectations of the organization. They include skills in catering, maintenance, machines operations, human resource and many others. They are the skills gained by employees in their various

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