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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Research report writing (Maintenance Management). It needs to be at least 2500 words.

The development intent aimed at enterprise creation for people within adjacent communities, a densely populated depressed area.

The front most of five warehouses which stretches 200 meters corresponding to the highway was split in half to create roadway and traffic flow into the industrial block. Roadwork and open space completes 55% of the 22,365 square meter original warehouse footprint. One of the halves of the original warehouse, which has a floor area of 5, 804.5 square meters, is fit out as a bazaar of smaller stalls. Several corridors cut from road level through entrances 3 meters wide and 3 meters high. Along the perimeter there are a total of 19 direct exit points with a total linear opening of 54.3 meters, but this includes the number of back portion fire exits. The overall effect is practically a covered open space.

Common in a number of historic facilities is the practice of natural ventilation systems, which over several alterations of the facility use, these built in systems are compromised. By contentious views on energy usage and environmental issues, natural ventilation resurfaced as a method increasingly attractive for reduced energy consumption and acceptable ecological print (Walker, 2010).

In the conversion of Warehouse—1, the ventilation system was reviewed of less importance since there were no recorded technical complications of difficulty in this category for the past 25—year warehouse operation. While this review provoked green build possibilities, the idea of facility conversion insofar also compromised capital expenditure constraint or reinvestment conservatism.

The design approach is an application of the displacement ventilation theory by exhaust suction treatment, which relies heavily on the natural air movement in the vicinity. It occurs that the industrial block has a constant cool breeze from tree hedges that outline each warehouse zone.

That is, a natural ventilation system depends on pressure differences to

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