Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Reflection And Analysis It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Reflection and Analysis. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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On the other hand, my third essay sought to convince the audience to support my view of increasing fuel prices to curb global warming. I did this by specifically demonstrating the benefits of increasing fuel prices in America. Actually to relevantly address different audiences, change the purpose of the paper, change the message of the second essay, and remain in the right context, these adjustments were necessary. Such adjustments include change in my introduction on my second essay, diction, and style of writing (Trinity College of the Bible Web). The adjustments therefore enabled me to address a different audience, convey a different message, alter the context, and change the purpose of the paper. The adjustments reflected my rhetorical choices in my writing process. As a result, my writing was effective in informing and convincing my audience to support the increase in fuel prices for purposes of controlling global warming because of increased fuel emissions. This paper details the reflection on my writing process and rhetorical analysis on my writing process from the controversy essay to public argument essay on increasing the fuel prices in America. Indeed, I was able to change the vision of my audience from a controversy point of view to a convincing position on the need to support the increase in fuel prices as a measure to control global warming. …

I equally used facts and background information to appeal the academic audience in the introduction of the second essay. Nevertheless, to address a different audience that may not be that learned, it was necessary to change the introduction. After drawing the extent of the problem and the need for communal involvement, it was easy to change the vision of my audience by proposing my solution. However, I changed the introduction of the third essay by stating unconditionally the existence and adversity of global warming in the modern world to appeal the different audience. Indeed, I the introduction I addressed the audience directly through an open letter and giving them real examples like traffic jams, lateness to school or work, and power of purchasing foodstuffs in relation to increased fuel prices (Kelvin Web). This clearly identified with the audience and set the footing for the next essay. Indeed, I used the second essay to encourage the audience to reason with me as I equally identified with the controversies to the issue. Additionally, after drawing them from a broad view to a narrow view of the problem, I changed my writing style by addressing them through an open letter. This brought their attention to my assertion and the relevant examples on traffic snarls, lateness to school or work, changes in purchasing frequency appealed the different audience and thus the effectiveness of my writing. Hence, the introduction of the open letter strategy in essay 3 was to convince the different audience on the need for increased fuel prices. Indeed, it personalized the issue and thus the follow-up to my claim.

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