Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Reaction Paper To Ba Nikongo

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Reaction Paper to Ba’Nikongo: Caribbean Emancipation. It needs to be at least 500 words.

This paper will examine some of the events that led to what is usually seen today in most areas, in the world.

In the Caribbean, there was the presence of labour. However, the plantation owners needed labour that was economically friendly to them at the time. They, therefore, opted to ship Africans from Africa to work in their plantation farms. In the colonies, labour was available. The only problem that existed with this labour was that, it needed extra capital to employ in the fields. Africans shipped to the Caribbean as human cargo were treated cruelly in these plantation farms (Ba’Nikongo 152). This was the nature of plantation life in the colonies.

Europe already had a foothold in the African continent (Ba’Nikongo 152). This made the transfer of Africans to other colonies easier for them, and harder for all those who had to be shipped to foreign lands. Racism was not the reason behind slavery as people would have the world believe, but slavery became the reason why racism exists. Many Africans in the diaspora are usually looked down upon because their ancestors were once slaves. It may be, therefore, right to say that slavery was the cause of racism, the world over.

There are some factors that led to the decline of slavery, and the emancipation effort in the Caribbean colonies. One might be excused for thinking this decline was because abolitionist’s cry for the cessation of slavery and human cruelty was heard (Ba’Nikongo 153). They played a part in this revolution, but sadly, they are not the main reason for the decline of slavery. The struggle to be free from slavery became the sole purpose for the decline and fight against slavery.

There was the need for economic transformation in the Caribbean, which forced the people to fight for their land. This need was what pushed slaves into wanting their liberty, and the right to conduct their economic affairs better. The

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