Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Problems With Degu As A Resu

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Problems with Degu as a result of Incorrect Feeding. It needs to be at least 250 words.

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This makes them drink more water and urinate more. If there is too much fat in the food, this causes liver problems in especially female degus who are in fertile age. This results in a drastic increase in weight. Diarrhea is another problem that may occur in degus when they eat too much of something, like a fruit or a vegetable sprayed with chemicals. They will mess around in little bits instead of large droppings. Constipation is caused by incorrect feedings like not taking enough water or dehydration. Overfeeding or unrestricted feeding results in obesity which may also result from diabetes and hepatitis. Hepatitis occurs when degu’s diet contains too much of protein or fat. Degu may also become lethargic and stressful resulting in temperament changes and weakness, a condition called anorexia caused by malnutrition or deficiency of vitamin C. However, excess of vitamin C causes breeding problems like a reproductive failure in male degus. Stress or lack of iron in the diet may result in alopecia that causes fur loss. Imbalanced diet for longer periods may also result in degu’s death. To prevent these problems, degu’s diet must be moderated according to the recommended 10 grams of food for a degu per day. Diet should not be high in protein, fat, and sugar. Water should always be available for him. It is important not to breed from degus who have had diabetes in their history. Good exercise levels should be maintained for degus by providing him running wheels and time out of the cage.

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