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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on : Practice Involving the Model of Ethical Decision Making. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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These theories vary in their values and items of consideration for example Unitarianism places much weight on the final consequence and the overall good of the society. This means they do not place much importance on the means of achieving something, whether evil or good. Other models like Kant’s-Formalist-Theory places much weight on the moral structure of a moral judgment. This means it focuses on what ‘we ought to do’, in other words, that we are morally obliged to do for others. This theory considers that even if the consequences of something are good, it is considered unethical of the means of arriving at it is evil or unethical. That is, if something is wrong/bad, it is wrong/bad all the time. Introduction Sometimes, counselors are faced with a great challenge of making decisions on matters whose consequences could greatly on the relationships, marriage, reputation or even the safety of the parties involved. At such times, counselors have two or more options each having different consequences. In such cases, counselors have to maximize their ability to think ethically so as to arrive at the best solutions and normally, the best way to do this is to apply the various models of ethical reasoning. …

According to Josephson Institute of Ethics (1999), the ethical decision making model consist of five main steps namely clarify, evaluate, decide, implement, and monitor and modify. The first step is to clarify. In this stage, the counselor should precisely determine what must be decided and come up with alternatives. In this case, what is to be decided is whether to terminate the e-counseling based on the revelations mail send accidentally to her by the wife, then inform the husband on the contents of the mail. Alternatively, she could maintain confidentiality and continue with the e-counseling despite knowing the evil intentions of the wife. The counselor should eliminate any illegal, impractical or improper alternatives if any. For the chosen options, the counselor should determine the values and ethical principles involved. One of the theories that can be applied by the counselor to select the right alternatives and finally, the best course of action is utilitarianism. According to this theory, the proper course of action in any situation is one that capitalizes/maximizes on the overall good of the society. This theory is consequential in nature meaning that the moral worth of an action or a decision is determined by its resulting outcome (Wallace, 1988). (Shaw (1999) explains that Act utilitarianism insists on the selection of an option that will generate the most pleasure. The second theory is Kant’s-Formalist-Theory. This theory places much weight on the moral structure of a moral judgment.

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