Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Platos The Republic Justice

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Platos the Republic: Justice. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Plato’s the Republic: Justice

Ideally, the appetitive component of the soul is responsible for lusts, demands, cravings, and is easily influenced by other desires. In this respect, this component of the soul longs for therefore, it has no reasoning on these weaknesses. However, the rational portion of the soul is aware and controls the appetite since it understands good and evil. The sensible part of the soul calculates and generates balanced decisions that are good for the entire soul. The spirited portion of the soul is bold, energetic and strong willed to counter the desires of the appetite. Naturally, if it is not tainted through a bad upbringing, it works together with the rational part (Purshouse 55). According to Plato, a person is just when every part of the soul does its work without interfering with the other parts. For instance, the rational part is expected to rule on behalf of the whole soul since it has wisdom and sensible judgment. The part of the spirit will obey the rational ruling set to prevent the appetites from overcoming the right action. When all the parts of the soul agree that the reason (rational) element has the power to rule, justice is achieved within this individual. In order to achieve justice, all parts of the soul must adhere to this hierarchy. The spirited part of the soul is the courageous supporter that has power over the appetite element to direct it to the way of the reason. (Purshouse 55). The state on the other hand comprises of three categories of people which include the workers (farmers, artisans etc.), auxiliaries (warriors) and the guardians (rulers). The workers are people who are fit to perform certain labor, which involves generating food, clothing, and other basic requirements. They are expected to remain reasonable and subordinate to the ruler in a bid to attain real justice. The warriors are those who are energetic and fit to fight by being strongly patriotic in a bid to secure the state from foreign invasion effectively. They are people who have the virtue of courage and highly educated while remaining loyal to the ruler. In addition, the rulers are individuals within the state with the gift of wisdom and protectors of the community. They should not search for glory and recognition but rather they have a duty and it is viewed as a burden they take up for the people in the state. The rulers are individuals who hold the interest of everyone in the state and with love they can do anything within their reach to preserve it (Pomerleau 22). It is evident that Plato believes that justice is achieved in the state when the connection in these categories is balanced and right. In reality, every group must take up appropriate duties and only their responsibilities in the right position of power for a just society. The division of people in these categories is believed to be truthfully, depending on their natural capabilities. Plato gives the example of the universe generating gold, silver, and bronze where naturally the golden individuals are suitable for ruling, the silver are the guardians, while bronze are meant to work. in addition, Plato feels that justice is achieved when there is harmony and agreement in the soul or the state. All the parts of the soul and that of the state take up their respective duties for the betterment of the whole. A just situation is where everyone is doing their work perfectly as they were naturally set to do. Plato argues

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