Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Object And Data Modelling It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Object and Data Modelling. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

The participants accessing the system, who can be either the diver or the customer, are both required to register on the system or sign up with their personal information.

Personal information comprises of the names, sex, the users year of birth, mobile number, and email addresses of the system end users. The system is divided into a driver and client subsystem that categorically showcase the attributes and features required by the system.

The registration details for sign up process are mandatory in order to allow automatic validation of the end user. The end users are expected to input additional information to support the subsequent data required for completing the sub-functions of the system. The sub-functions of the system simply include and extend other higher functions or authority within the system (SHOVAL 2007). For example getting registered on the system extends to being validated by the system.

Including other use cases helps to reduce duplication of system functionalities for each user, therefore, describing other detailed parts of the system in the use case makes it easy to understand the hierarchy of actors (system end users) in the car sharing system as well.

An activity diagram relatively represents the flow of information within the system showing and illustrating the sequence of activities. The conditions for the information for each activity can also be described within an activity diagram. In the case of the Car sharing system, the activity diagrams that are presented include that of the Registration and Payment process. The activity diagram shows the start and stop process for each particular activity.

Designing an activity diagram requires the coordination of execution of sub-functions using a control and data flow model. The activity diagram developed and created in this particular case invokes other activities via a level of hierarchy that executes and resolves particular functions (GEORGE 2007). For

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